Tuesday, May 5, 2015

A Semi-Official Diffusion of Knowledge Blog Schedule

A Semi-Official Diffusion of Knowledge Blog Schedule
I've decided to introduce a semi-official schedule to the blog postings so that some semblance of normalcy will take root and provide readers with something to look forward to as well as something to talk about. The main focus of the blog will remain on History Education, but those posts take some work to generate and one a week is about the best I will be able to produce. These other topics will be useful to students and educators in this field as well as interested readers who are more than welcome to join in the comments.

Tuesday-The Mad Historian's Athenaeum
This topic is pretty obvious and will consist of a review of a book in the area of History or Education. Some fiction will pop up now and then because you just can't keep good fantasy to yourself!

Wednesday-Blog of the Week

Useful blogs will be highlighted every Wednesday so that readers can expand the scope of knowledge with other blogs and bloggers. 


A weekly exploration into some aspect of history. 
This will range from serious to funny with plenty of
snark to satisfy some and anger others.

  Friday-Tilting at Educational Windmills

 As the field of education can be somewhat frustrating at times making one think of Don Quixote and his windmills, Friday's posts will be in the field of education. 

Having four posts per week should account for a healthy flow of information through the blog to satisfy readers. I will endeavor to follow the schedule as close as possible, but with classes to teach, a doctoral study to finish, a part time job to pay a couple of the bills, and this thing called life that gets in the way of gainful work, I may experience some wormholes in the system.

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