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Google Earth
AP Human Geography - National Geographic Education
GIS (geographic information system) - National Geographic Education
Guns Germs, & Steel Home
Instructor SSO - Instructor Resource Center
Welcome to eInstruction - Simple Solutions. Real Results. © eInstruction®
NatGeo Mapmaker Interactive
Why Vladimir Putin thinks it's still 1985 -
The European Union as a Model for Regional Integration - Council on Foreign Relations
 World Regional Geography.pdf
 Regional Geography - Definition, Overview

Chapter One
Interview with SecDef James Mattis
 GIS (geographic information system) - National Geographic Education
World Mapper
Library of Congress Geography
International Cartographic Association

Chapter Two
   ▶ World Wide Views on Biodiversity 2012 - 1 Introduction to Biodiversity - English - YouTube
 Biodiversity hotspots (collection)
 Films On Demand - Biomes
 Films On Demand - Plate Tectonics
 ▶ plate tectonics - YouTube
 ▶ Tectonics of the Planet Earth [educational video] - YouTube
 Films On Demand - Global Climate Regions
 Films On Demand - Climate Change
 ▶ The Water Cycle - YouTube
 ▶ Lesson Overview Orographic Effect - YouTube
 Earth's Ocean - Windows to the Universe
Global Environmental Change

Chapter Three - Human Geography
Progress in Human Geography
Population Control, etc. in Latin America
The Wall
Facebook Maps Africa's Population
US Population Falls Below Replacement Level

Chapter Four - Europe
Europe |
European Concerns Over Muslim Immigration Go Mainstream
Europe Must Confront Its Muslim Immigration Problem
An Introduction into the European Union and its Immigration systems
Immigration in the European Union: problem or solution? - OECD Observer  
EUROPA - European Union website, the official EU website
German City bans Refugees 
 Ukraine: Everything you need to know about how we got here -

Chapter Five - Russia and the Near Abroad
Kazakhstan's Bloody December 

Chapter Six - The Middle East and North Africa
Will We Run Out of Oil?

Chapter Seven - Southeast Asia
The South China Sea

Various Articles on the Internet


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