Western Civilization From 1500

Western Civilization from 1500

What is History?

What is Western Civilization?

Textbooks and General Information sites for Professor Dick's courses on Western Civilization
Spielvogel, Jackson J. Western Civilization, 10th ed. Boston: Cengage Learning, 2018.

Chapter 13 - Reformation and Religious Warfare in the Sixteenth Century
From Conflict to Communion
The European Reformation
The 16th Century Reformation Reading Room
The Catholic Encyclopedia
Early Modern European History Primary Sources
The History Guide - The Protestant Reformation
The Reformation
Martin Luther - The Reluctant Revolutionary
Project Wittenberg - Selected Works of Martin Luther
The History Guide - The Impact of Luther and the Radical Reformation
The Holy Roman Empire
John Calvin
La Poulet Gauche - 16th Century France
St. Bartholomew's Day Massacre
Massacres During the Wars of Religion
The Apogee of Hispanic Catholicism
The Spanish Empire
Spanish Society and Economics in the Imperial Age
William the Silent
How the Tudor Dynasty Shaped Modern Britain
Tudor History
Voices of the Powerless
The History Guide - The Catholic Reformation
Elizabeth I
The History Guide - Europe in the Age of Religious Wars, 1560-1715
Reformation Europe (Internet History Sourcebook)
The Council of Trent

Chapter 14 - Europe and the New World: New Encounters, 1500-1800
The Age of Exploration
The Map as History
Europe and the Age of Exploration
Guns, Germs, and Steel
Crash Course: 15th Century Mariners
Crash Course: The Atlantic Slave Trade
Crash Course: The Spanish Empire, Silver, & Runaway Inflation
Machu Picchu
The Early Modern World - Primary Sources
In the Footsteps of Marco Polo
Christopher Columbus
The Aztecs
The Lost Inca Empire
West African Societies Around 1492
Europe and the Impulse for Exploration
New World Exploration and English Ambition
Spanish Society and Economics in the Imperial Age
Spanish Colonial Government and Administration (1493-1821)
Las Castas - Spanish Racial Classifications
Slave Ships and the Middle Passage
The East India Company
Robert Clive
The Ming Dynasty
The Qing Dynasty
Tokugawa Ieyasu
Learning from Shogun: Japanese History and Western Fantasy
The Impact of Expansion
The European Expansion and its Impact on Indigenous People
The Columbian Exchange
The History Guide - The Age of Discovery

Chapter 15 - State Building and the Search for Order in the Seventeenth Century
Witchcraft and Magic
History of Witchcraft
The Thirty Years' War
Thirty Years' War 
What Was Absolutism?
Cardinal Richelieu
Cardinal Mazarin 
Louis XIV
Creating French Culture: The Path to Absolutism 
Decline of Spain
Absolutism in Eastern Europe 
History of Prussia
History of Austria
History of Italy
The Romanov's of Russia
What Was the Russian Empire?
History of Denmark
History of Sweden
The Ottoman Empire
History of Poland
The Dutch Republic
James I
Charles I
The History Guide - The English Civil War
The English Civil War
Oliver Cromwell
Charles II
James II
William III
English Bill of Rights
Thomas Hobbes
John Locke
European Art: Mannerism
The Baroque Art Movement
Art in France
Dutch Collection at the Johnson Museum of Art
Dutch Genre Painting at the Metropolitan Museum of Art
William Shakespeare
The Globe Theatre
Lope de Vega
Jean-Baptiste Moliere

Chapter 16 - Toward a New Heaven and a New Earth: The Scientific Revolution and the Emergence of Modern Science
The History Guide - The Scientific Revolution, 1543-1642
The History Guide - The Scientific Revolution, 1642-1730
The History Guide - The New Intellectual Order: Man, Nature, and Society

Chapter 17 - The Eighteenth Century: An Age of Enlightenment
The Triumph of Science and the Heavenly City of the 18th Century Philosophe
The History Guide - The Vision of Human Progress: Vico, Gibbon, and Condorcet

Chapter 18 - The Eighteenth Century: European States, International Wars, and Social Change
Natural Law
Natural Rights
Enlightened Absolutism
The Enlightenment and Enlightened Absolutism 
Louis XV of France 
The Royal House of Hanover 
The Rotten Boroughs of England 
Rules of Modern Diplomacy
18th Century Warfare
The War of Austrian Succession
The Seven Years War
European Life in the 18th Century
Western European Marriage Patterns
The Agricultural Revolution
Enclosure Acts - Great Britain
The Peasants
The Aristocrats
The Grand Tour
Life in 18th Century Britain
The Rise of Cities in the 18th Century
The Rural Exodus

Chapter 19 - A Revolution in Politics: The Era of the French Revolution and Napoleon
French Revolution Primary Sources - Hanover Historical
Internet History Sourcebooks - French Revolution
Exploring the French Revolution
Napoleon Bonaparte: The Little Corporal Who Built an Empire
Crash Courses: The French Revolution
Crash Courses: The Haitian Revolution
TED-ED: History vs. Napoleon
Lasting Impacts the American Revolution had on Other Governments in Europe
The Estates-General
The Influence of the Enlightenment on the French Revolution
Jacobins vs. Girondins during the French Revolution
Louis XVI
The Paris Commune
The Committee of Public Safety
The Terror-History of the French Revolution 
Dechristianization of France During the French Revolution
Maximilien de Robespierre
The Directory, Consulate, & End of the French Revolution
Napoleon Bonaparte
The "Code Napoleon"
The History Guide - The Beginnings of the French Revolution
The History Guide - The French Revolution: The Moderate Stage 1789-1792
The History Guide - The French Revolution: The Radical Stage 1792-1794
The History Guide - The Language of Politics: England and the French Revolution
The History Guide - Europe and the Superior Being: Napoleon
Napoleon's Empire
The Continental System
The Napoleonic Wars

Chapter 20 - The Industrial Revolution and its Impact on European Society

Chapter 21 - Reaction, Revolution, and Romanticism, 1815-1850
Ideologies & Upheavals, 1815-1850

What was the Congress of Vienna?
Clemons von Metternich
The Debate on the Principle of Legitimacy of Power
The European Balance of Power
European Politics 1815-1900
Conservatism in the 19th Century
Edmund Burke
History of the Concert of Europe
Continuous Revolution
Independence from Spain in Latin America
Simon Bolivar
Jose de San Martin
The Greek Revolution of 1821 
A British Revolution in the 19th Century? 
French Restoration
History of Spain, 1810-1873 
Growth of Nationalism in Germany, 1815-1850
History of Russia, 1796-1855
Classical Liberalism
Conservatism vs. Liberalism in the Nineteenth Century
John Stuart Mill 
The Utopian Socialism Movement 
The History Guide: The Utopian Socialists - Charles Fourier
The History Guide: The Utopian Socialists - Robert Owen and Saint-Simon
The History Guide: The Age of Ideologies - General Introduction
From the Three Glorious Days to the Third Republic
Imperialism, Revolution, and Industrialization in 19th Century Europe
End of an Era: 1815-1830 (Britain)
Corn Laws
Revolutions of 1848 (see entries for each nation in this site)
Revolutions of 1848
The Development of a Police Force
Wicklow Historic Gaol
Romanticism - The Met
Romanticism - The Art Story
A Brief Guide to Romanticism - Poetry
Mozart and Beethoven Compared
Religion and Philosophy and The Romantic Period: Romanticism, Reaction and Revolution

Chapter 22 - An Age of Nationalism and Realism, 1850-1871

Chapter 23 - Mass Society in an "Age of Progress," 1871-1894

Chapter 24 - An Age of Modernity, Anxiety, and Imperialism, 1894-1914
Marie Curie
Max Planck
Albert Einstein 
Friedrich Nietzsche
Henri Bergson
What Revolutionary Socialism Means (primary source)
Sigmund Freud 
Social Darwinism
Volkisch Movement 
Anti-Clericalism Movements
Modernism - A Catholic Refutation 
Modern Art
Modernism in Music
The Best of Stravinsky
Women No Longer Owned by Men
Women's Suffrage
The Women's Social and Political Union
Maria Montessori
Anti-Semitism in Austria-Hungary
The History of Zionism 
David Lloyd George
Labour Party
The Third Republic
The Dreyfus Affair
Kaiser Wilhelm II
Conditions in Austria-Hungary
Revolution of 1905

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