Posting Rules

     Based on my experiences on other blogs, I have come to the conclusion that some rules must be laid out and followed regarding posting on this blog. I thank you in advance for following these rules and am most grateful for your presence here in this community.

1. No anonymous posts are allowed. All posters must use their real names or a handle approved by the moderator(s). If you wish to post on this blog, but wish to use a handle for personal reasons you may do so under two conditions. The first is that you register the handle with me via an e-mail using your real name which I will not disclose. The second is that you do not abuse the rules for posting under the handle.

2. This is a blog which hopefully will have a wide audience from educators to historians and anyone interested in either field. Please keep profanity to a minimum if used at all. No racism, bigotry, sexism, etc. will be tolerated.

3. I believe in freedom of speech and the exchange of ideas. I do not wish to ban posters or delete posts, nor do I wish to prevent publication of posts. However, I have no desire for ignorance to be spread nor will I allow hate speech to appear here on this blog.

4. If you want to be taken seriously bring facts to the table. Everyone has an opinion and some are bigger than others. Provide proof to back up your statements.

5. Let us keep the modern politics off the blog. The news media has plenty of opportunities for people to express their opinions and engage in pointless flame wars. If it is applicable to history and education, by all means bring it up. However, be respectful. Disagree if you want to because that is your right as a human being, but agree to disagree.

6. Absolutely NO adult themed content or links are allowed on this website. While this is a free country and people have the right to peruse it I will not allow it here. There may be college students using this site for information. Let's be professional.

7. I reserve the right to ban any poster, delete any post, block posts, and reject posts. I prefer not to edit posts, but to simply reject them outright.

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