Friday, March 27, 2015

The Junto's Final Four

The 2015 Junto March Madness Tournament Update

As you know from my earlier post there is an annual contest every year over on The Junto. This year's tournament has been about primary sources. After some fairly wild upsets, the Final Four has been reached. Unfortunately, Frederick Douglass' Fourth of July Speech did not make it. However, Douglass did make the Final Four with Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass which will be taking on The Declaration of Independence. The other match-up features Ben Franklin's Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin versus Alden T. Vaughn's Early American Indian Documents, Treaties, and Laws, 1607-1789. 

This has been an interesting contest and has seen several upsets. The only number one seed left in the field is Douglass. The DOI is a two seed while Franklin is a three. Vaughn is the lone Cinderella remaining in the field.

Who will win? Who will take home the 2015 Junto title? How can you participate? That's the easy part. Just go here and be ready to vote on Monday!

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